Rose Essential Oil Benefits And Top 6 Uses

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(Last Updated On: 3 Feb 2018)


Botanical name: Rosa Damascene
Useful parts: Petals

We know from fossils that rose has been around for about 32 million years. Therefore, it is one of the oldest and widespread flowers around the world. From history, we know that it’s the “Flower Queen”. We all know that is one of the most beautiful and aromatic flowers. Not all rose essential oil benefits are known we still continue to learn more about this great aromatic plant. Furthermore, the rose is the flower of expression and manifestation of emotions. It is the flower that is giving us reasons to show our intense feelings, and at the same time, it helps us to balance our emotions.

It is often characterized an essential oil for every woman with “female qualities”. Is one the best choice for women’s reproductive system problems such as uterus, menorrhagia and sexuality problems. Additionally, not many know that is a natural aphrodisiac. It can also create an atmosphere of sensuality, love and passion. The aroma of the rose essential oil is warm, sweet and seductive. Nevertheless, this essential oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. Usually, it takes about 30 rose petals to produce 1 drop of essential oil.

 Rose Essential Oil Benefits

Top 6 uses and rose essential oil benefits:

• For treatment of problems caused by frustration, depression, and can remove emotional obstacles. Furthermore, it can be used as a tranquillizer, anti-depressant and helps to balance the spirit, its wonderful aroma can soothe the emotional problems associated with sadness, anger, jealousy and dissatisfaction, anxiety, coldness, insomnia, or any negative emotion we have.
• Hydration and toning for all skin types especially for dry and mature skin, but also for the sensitive and damaged skin.
• Female reproductive problems, dysmenorrhea, poor circulation, nausea, headache, constipation.
• Balancing the moisture of the skin. For tightening the tiny vessels and helping to extinguish the redness causing the broken capillaries.
• Heart problems as well as skin problems such as signs of acne.
• Convulsions, muscle pulls, cramps and spasmodic cholera, while also controls high fever.

Some other rose essential oil benefits are: to maintain and improve the beauty, health and mood. However, to use it correctly first you should dissolute it in an oil ( like almond oil and coconut oil).  You can add a few drops with other massage oil. Also, it is suitable for perfuming the room, for a foot bath, or for inhalations.

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