Mint Benefits And Top 10 Uses

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(Last Updated On: 20 Jan 2018)

Mint The Natural Aphrodisiac.

Scientific Name: Mentha piperita, Pulegius and Silvestris.

Useful Parts: leaves.

Is a well-known herb and can easily be grown at home. Also, it was a great aroma and ancient Greeks and Romans knew about the mint benefits. Ancient Greeks used mint leaves to clean their house and everyday objects and use it for their baths. Now is used mostly for food and wines but some believe that leaves can help with the nervous system but there is not be proven by science.

To grow doesn’t require any effort and spreads very fast. This herb loves sunlight, so a balcony is the best place to grow in a pot. Water it frequently so the soil remains moist and use loamy soil. To tell the truth, the best way to grow is from cuttings. Cut 2-3 inches put it in water and put in the soil when it has some roots. Furthermore, harvest it regularly and try to pick new leaves which are fresher.

Uses and mint benefits:

  • It can stop a headache if we rub fresh leaves at forehead

  • A mouthwash of mint oil for tonsillitis and inflammation.

  • Mint tea for indigestion and because it calms and stops the pain of inflammation intestinal system.

  • For women, it can help with period pains.

  • As an aphrodisiac.

  • For a toothache.

  • For dog or bee bite smash some leaves and put salt on it.

  • Mint oil can be used as a muscle relaxant.

  • Mint oil can clean the sinus.

  •  For sunburn use mint oil.

How to make fresh mint tea: Boil 1 litre of water and put 3 fresh leaves and let it cool. Or if you don’t have fresh you can put 1 – 2 tbsp. of dry leaves. Start to drink 3 glass of water per day. Try also mint essential oil for mouthwash. You can also this mixture and as cream when it cools down.

mint benefits

Other uses: fresh leaves can help teeth whitening. For external uses at home, it can repel mouse because mouse never eats or touch anything that smells like it. Also, for natural aphrodisiac take fresh leaves or spearmint in large quantities (it can also help with teeth pain). Put a few drops of essential oil when you brush your teeth to have healthy teeth and gums.

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