Lavender Benefits And Top 6 Uses

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(Last Updated On: 20 Feb 2018)

Lavender The Herb For Any Kind Of Pain

Botanical Name: Lavandula Officinalis family of Labiatae.

Useful Parts: leaves and flowers.

Lavender is very beautiful and has an attractive aroma that helps with our daily stress. For someone that gets angry at small things and have a lot of nerves, this herb is ideal for him to smell. Also, lavender benefits and properties are so important that this herb is ranked in one of the most important herbs. Not only this but right now lavender oil demand is very high all around the world.

Lavender oil can stimulate urine flow and help with urine disorders. Moreover, if you have hair loss you can use lavender essential oil to increase hair growth. Some studies have shown that can prevent breast cancer. For a message use the essential oil for a better blood circulation and to lower your blood pressure. In addition, we know that people from ancient Italy used to bath with lavender. Furthermore, this herb grows in mountains or small hills up to 1400 meters and loves hot dry soil.

How to grow: if you plan to grow lavender is fairly easy. First, start from cuttings because seeds require some patience. Also, give it at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Don’t overwater the plant just keep the soil moist. Use a soil that has good drainage, for sandy soils mix some gravel and makes sure it has good airflow. Furthermore, prune once a year from April to August because it flowers. Final tip never uses fertilizer is not necessary.

lavender benefits

Top 6 uses and lavender benefits:

  • For migraines, headache, faintness and insomnia.
  • Nerve diseases and melancholy.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system like asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis.
  • Wounds, burns, dry skin and acne (lavender oil for dermatitis).
  • For bad digestion, internal gasses, parasites and food poisoning.
  • Few drops of lavender oil with your shampoo for Dandruff it’s very effective.

For external use: heat 1 brunch of lavender flowers in 1 litre of water for 10-12 in medium temperature (use it as a mouthwash too).

For internal use: heat 1 tbsp. of fresh or dry lavender in one cup of water when the water is heated remove it from fire and let it cool. You can also add some honey for a better taste or if you have a sore throat. Additionally, drink this tea 3 times a day after each meal.

Side effects: Don’t take in high quantities it can be toxic. People that have problems with their stomach cannot use it. Use Lavender essential oil for external uses because of high dose can be a drug.

Other lavender benefits and use:  for sunburn lips put a few drops of lavender oil. Use it for insect bites. It is believed that this oil can slow skin ageing with powerful antioxidants.
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