Apple Benefits And Top 6 Uses

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(Last Updated On: 3 Feb 2018)



Eat Fresh Apples For Detox


Scientific Name: Pyrus Malus family of Pomaceae and Pyrus Nalus.

Useful Parts: leaves, flowers, fruit and peel.

Indeed, there are many stories for this delicious and common fruit. From the Middle Ages until wise men knew about apple benefits. For example, in ancient Greece, they used to believe that you will never have any health problem if you eat one apple per day.

Why should you add apple to your diet? First of all, an apple contains malic acid that will help you with the digestion of food, rejuvenate the skin and always look young (its recommend taking one apple 30 minutes before each meal). Not only this, it contains vitamin K, A and C, magnesium, citric acid, tannin, pectin, starch, sugars, polyphenols, copper and potassium.

Detox diet for one or two days eats only apples and apple juice. This alone will clean your blood and help your internal organs function. In addition, if you want to make this diet properly you must eat only apples and drink water. Then we can continue our previous diet.

apple benefits

Apple Benefits and uses:

  • Drink fresh apple juice with no sugar for kidney stones and gastrointestinal problems.
  • For diabetes, eating apples can help with blood sugar control. Polyphenols also lower glucose absorption. This will release insulin, to help with organ function and to keep blood sugar levels in balance.
  • Modern studies have shown that it can prevent colon and breast cancer. Also, it can help to slow the spread of lung cancer.
  • Eating apples can help with anaemia.
  • If you have any illness and you feel weak, eat apples to gain vigour and vitality. This alone will help you recover faster. People that suffer from arthritis pains, can boil apple peels for 10 minutes in water and drink it to calm the pains.
  • For any internal disorder make a juice of one apple, one carrot and one beet. Furthermore, this will improve our metabolism and balance bacteria function to remain healthy.

Other uses: apples have antibacterial properties. This help to clean gums and keep teeth clean by killing bacteria and viruses in the mouth. You can also rub some peels as a whitening. It is believed that can improve vision. For fever eat lots of apple peels. Additionally, researchers have found that apples can help people reduce Alzheimer.

Possible Side Effects: Never eat apple seeds alone, they contain cyanide is not good for our health. But when we eat them with the fruit are beneficial for our health.

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